How to get the Perfect Family Tent

It can be quite difficult to get the best family tent that is available on the market as there are several tent features and designs. Just as with anything, we all have different views on what we consider being the best family tent for us, in the end, it all comes down to what you find the most suitable for the unique needs of your family.

best tents for families

Here are some basic tips on what to consider when shopping for your best family tent. The space you need is a major factor when you plan to buy a family tent. Usually, they have a recommended maximum capacity, but this should be regarded with precaution. It is preferable to go one or even two people less. Thus, a seven-person tent should be regarded more like a tent for 5, maximum six person tent.

Check for the tent to have sufficient porch, living space, sleeping area and one for cooking. It is important to have adequate space for all these activities for a fun and stress-free holiday.

Don’t forget that clothes and the cooking equipment also require some space and thus; it should be added to the space requirement of the tent.

Choose a waterproof tent and also check for the tent to include properly shut doors and well-sewn seams. You don’t want to get wet inside the tent when it rains outside or for stronger winds to collapse your family tent.

The weight of the tent is important only if you have to carry it with you for a longer distance and not next to your car. So, based on where you pitch the tent, choose a lighter or heavier one

Luckily, most family tents that are currently available on the market are easy to put up. Allow about 30 minutes for most family tents, although there are family tents that can be easily put up a lot quicker.

Apparently, it is recommended to first pitch the tent at home in your backyard and not straight on the campsite. Thus, you’ll know how much it takes to put it up, and it will be a lot easier and quicker to set up the tent.

Finally, you should make sure that the tent is relatively light. When going camping, you have quite many things with you Therefore you need to travel as light as possible-this applies to the tent as well. You should also make sure that the tent is durable enough; do not buy a tent that is cheap but won’t last for more than one summer.

These are the main required features for a perfect family tent and also the premises for a fun and relaxing family holiday.

English Teaching In China

Teaching English In China – A Great Opportunity For Expats

Teaching English in China is one of the best ideas out there nowadays for people that want to move overseas. There are many reasons that English teaching in China has become such an attractive option for expats in recent years, and I’ll tell you a few of the reasons why I think you should take a real good look at the awesome opportunity of going to teach there for yourself.

The economy in China has exploded over the past decade. In fact, by some accounts the Chinese economy is now the largest in the world. This means that a lot of new money is moving into China and a lot of international business as well. Since international business is done in English almost exclusively, that means that there is a huge growing demand for English teachers in China. China wants these English teachers to be native speakers rather than Chinese people that have learned fluent English, so the students can learn native accents as well.

There are nearly 1.5 billion people in China, so you can just imagine how many schools are necessary to educate all those people. If even a small fraction of those people study English every year, that means hundreds of thousands of foreign teachers, maybe even millions, will be needed all around China for the foreseeable future.

This great economic growth has also led to a huge increase in the quality of living in China, making China one of the best places that expats can live in Asia. China has many world class cities for expats to live in. You can find a city that fits just about any type of lifestyle you have and you can find absolutely everything you could ever need in China. Teaching English will give you a way to get a legitimate work visa and also usually you’ll have a free apartment with your contract as well.

English teachers in China enjoy a very high quality of life and the cost of living in the country is still very low. Most teachers are able to travel a lot and live a lifestyle they could only dream of back in their home country, while also having time to study the local language and enjoy going out with all their new friends from all over the world.

The future of the global economy looks like it will be centered in Asia and moving to the biggest economy in Asia will definitely put you in a place to capitalize on that. If you’re bored with life back in your home country and don’t see many opportunities for you, that will definitely change drastically once you get on the plane and head out to China. China has endless excitement to offer expats and lots of opportunities around every corner.

If you want to make a big change in your life and experience a great amount of adventure and fun, going to teach English in China is the best way you can do it right now. So get on that plane!

Top 4 Temples in Bali and How They Compare to Thai Temples

One of the most common structures in Bali would be temples. These are located everywhere, from busy tourist destinations such as Legian and Kuta to not-so-famous villages. In a way, Bali is like Thailand because one can find temples everywhere here. However, temples in Bali are quite different from the temples in Thailand. In case of Thailand, the temples are Buddhist temples whereas in case of Bali they are Hindu temples.
Balinese temples do share a similarity with Thai temples, i.e. both are extremely intricate and a sight to behold! You’ll find that the temples in Bali consist of numerous courtyards, elaborate carvings, huge doorways, tall towers, intricate statues and so on. Each of these temples are dedicated to specific gods and they have statues of warriors and dragons at the entrance way as a source of good luck and protection. If you’re interested in visiting Indonesia to see the temples then you must definitely rent a beautiful villa with pool as your accommodation option as it is reasonable and effective. When in Bali you must visit the following top 4 temples:

Besakih Temple – Besakih is often referred to as the ‘Mother Temple’ in Bali as its complex is home to different clans of shrines and temples. Located on Mount Agung, a thousand meters above the sea level, the temples here are the largest in all of the island. It would take the entire day to explore the site, therefore make sure you have plenty of time in your hands when you visit Besakih.

This is where you can enjoy a beautiful view of a poolUlun Danu Beratan Temple – This is a beautiful temple that is located on the western side of the Beratan Lake. During high tide, the smooth base of the temple gives off an illusion that the temple is floating! The temple is a great spot for sightseeing and recreational activities such as using paddleboats or water boats on the lake.

Tanah Lot – The unique offshore setting of this temple is one of the primary reasons that attract people to visit it. This ancient Hindu shrine is definitely a must-visit temple in Indonesia. Situated amidst the crashing waves, one should definitely stay till sunset when visiting the temple as it looks majestic at this time of the day.

goa-gajahGoa Gajah – The direct translation of this phrase is ‘Elephant Cave’. Built in the 11th century as a site for meditation, the cave leads to a temple courtyard and an ancient bathing pool. There are also meditation spaces inside the cave, filled with stone idols and large stone relics. If you’re in Ubud region then you should definitely consider paying this cave temple a visit.




Tour Buddhist Temples in Thailand

If you have had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful islands of Thailand, or have daydreamed about touring the land, then you already know that there are thousands of Buddhist temples located throughout the country. With a total of 40,717, there are more temples in Thailand than one could ever wish to visit in a lifetime.


Adopting the principle of “A good beginning is halfway to success,” the Tourism Authority of Thailand arranges routes for visitors to pay homage to all the sacred places that holds much historic significance to the country. Due to the amount of festivals in Thailand each month that celebrate the magic and culture behind the islands Buddhist beliefs, the prearranged routes help visitors and locals enjoy themselves without the stress of deciding which temples to visit.


The following four routes are temples near Rattanakosin Island where one can find peace, and most importantly, study the value of the land and the beliefs of the Thai people.


– Temples along the Chao Phraya River

The most interesting piers can be found along the Chao Phraya River. This tour allows you to experience a number of temples on the river. It is an unexpected adventure that is affordable and gives you a sense of serenity.


– Temples 9 Reigns

An excellent opportunity to pay homage to the nine sacred temples that bring much prosperity into the lives of the visitors. The reason this tour consists of 9 temples is because it translates to the Thai word “kao” which means progress and moving forward.


– Royal Temples for Luck

If you are in need of some good luck for the new year, visiting these Royal Temples will certainly bring much needed beneficial fortune.


– Temples for Making Merit

Making merit to the temples in Thailand is a gracious way to value the Buddhist religion. Paying your respect is vital to your stay in Thailand and provides your soul with a peace of mind that will last for as long as you remember your stay on the islands.


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Female teacher teaching her students in a classroom

Shortage of skilled labour in Thailand

Thailand can give the best tourism industry in the world. Shortage and lack of skilled labour in tourism sector is really increasing in a very high rate. This is totally affecting the growing rate of this sector. This alerted Thai chamber of commerce and saw the need to call for the address to the issue urgently. The chamber showed that you can search here and the statistics which they had compiled indicating that the number of employees serving the tourist and the tourists themselves is running in the opposite direction. This is due to lack of skilled labour therefore creating a drop in the service levels of this sector hence affecting this industry. This is clearly indicated by the comparison of tourists arrivals in the year 2010 and the year 2013.

In the year 2010, the country received 16 million visitors and the workers were 6.5 million while in the year 2013 the country received 26.5 and the workers were 6.2 million. The tourism sector made 1.4 trillion in revenue for the country the year before. This was a total of 10% of gross local product. The government needs to bank on tourism in order to rise the economy. This chamber advised the government and the private sector to join and come up with a solution to eliminate all the problems that are affecting the tourism sector. Apart from shortage of skilled labour in this industry there are other problems that affecting it, these problems are; few attraction sites and there is need to add them for the government only promotes the major ones. Another thing is that there is need for the extension of regional airports that serve foreign tourists. Records indicate that 95% of tourists who visited Thailand entered through Phuket airport, Don Mueang and Savarnabhumi. In order to achieve this years target of 28 million in this industry, there is need to increase skilled labour.



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escape hunt

In Bangkok and need something to do? Try Escape Hunts New Escape Games.

Bangkok, Thailand is one of the greatest cities in the world, with a lot of fun-filled activities you can enjoy. One such activity is the escape hunt experience. Founded by Paul Bart in 2013, this real-life escape game is not only exhilarating but also relaxing. Famous and familiar, your search for Bangkok things to do for fun may end at the

Growth and Popularity

As has already been mentioned, the corporation was intercepted in 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand in a modest operation in a four-room. The idea behind the expedition was the need to create an edutainment owing to the overwhelming reception of the rising escape games at the time. By December the same year, the escape hunt had picked up and was spreading like wildfire prompting inclusion of several other activities and ultimate re-branding. This incessant waxing and upward trend landed on the TripAdvisor as the best ahead of the rest; a position it held until November 2014. To this end, escape hunt is still one of the most popular in the Fun and Games class.

Spread and Operations

Due to its stable ranking in the Bangkok things to do list of fame, is by far one of the fastest expanding corporations. As such, the company is rapidly growing and tailoring its operations vis-à-vis the needs of their clients. All these adjustments aim at improving the experience of the user and giving the company an edge over its competitors.

However, owes its unfathomable success and operation upsurge to such factors as the presence of unique new escape games in each branch of the corporation. What’s more, these games are not only created but also changed half yearly. In the real sense, it is this burgeoning of operations that led to the escape hunt company moving to the newly built Bhiraj Tower in Bangkok.


Evidently, the fun-packed is rapidly growing and offers a new entertainment franchise to entrepreneurs. Besides the already existing branches world over, several more are scheduled to mushroom. Currently, with its headquarters in Bangkok, the company has offices in Lisbon, Singapore, Sydney, Cancun and London among others. By March 2015, more 21 branches were already up and running with another whopping 55 set to come up the world over by the end of 2015.

So the point is when your search for Bangkok things to do land you at, you may consider yourself the luckiest. However, if you are not in Bangkok and the company has not opened branches in your locality, sit back and relax as the year 2015 may see your locality get one.


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lottery tickets

Sales of Lottery Tickets Drop despite Reduced Prices

The cost of a lottery ticket now retails at only 80 baht in almost the whole the nation; however this brings another problem since no one wants to buy a cheap lottery ticket resulting to an overall downfall in sales.

Lottery vendors are complaining about huge fall in sales for June 16 draw after the government chose to stabilize lottery prices and issuing tough penalties to whoever will go against the orders. They are now coming up with new ways to boost their sales. For instance, Supol , a vendor based in Lampang said he had to offer his customers a packet of instant noodles for the one who buy 3 pairs of tickets.

He said that he welcomed the reduced prices of lottery tickets as a projection of more sales but that wasn’t the case. The business was much better when prices were higher. He also added that the drop in ticket sales was as a result of scrapping huge jackpot prices and lottery tickets were not to be purchased in bundles.

Previously, people used to buy tickets in bundles at elevated prices of 100 baht or more which vendors had grouped the same number thus increasing the chances of winning. This isn’t the case with the new rules in place. On the brighter side, vendors still project that the front 3 digit prizes in new lottery ticket is more likely to boost sales in the long run.

Vendors in Khon Kaen however chose to suspend selling because of reduced sales. They complained that tickets were sold by some wholesalers at a much reduced prices of 75 baht to lure more buyers and also because most buyer were turned down because of no bundle buy policy.

The government however, says that most vendors are well suited with the new policies apart from few cases of overpricing by the tickets in June 16 draw. Prime Minister Prayut said that 16th lottery will be used to measure the overall government efforts to reform the industry and figure out how to maintain prices in long run as it overhauls the whole system.

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